Who Will Contest From Hajipur?

February 04 2019

Ever since LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan has publicised his unwillingness to contest the Lok Sabha elections (rather aims for the Rajya Sabha), speculation is rife that who will succeed him in his constituency Hajipur.
Paswan’s wife Reena was one name that was doing the round, but sources tell that she has dismissed the possibility. Paswan’s son Chirag, who acted in a Bollywood movie before taking to politics, won from Jamui Lok Sabha seat in 2014 for the first time. But this time it seems unlikely that he will be able to bag Jamui again. So there are chances he may turn towards his father’s constituency.
Cuckoos coo that Ram Vilas Paswan’s younger brother has made claims for the Hajipur seat, although the final decision will be taken by Chirag.

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