Who will be Delhi’s saffron CM?

December 06 2019

The BJP has undertaken a major opinion poll recently and according to the poll results, the BJP is coming up as the single largest party in the national capital, but it is far from majority. It is being said that the BJP top leadership has decided not to repeat the mistakes from other states and the party will not project its CM face while only after the election results are out, will any thought be given to it. At present there are three faces in BJP’s CM race – Manoj Tiwari, Harshvardhan and Vijay Goyal, of which Tiwari’s claim is considered to be the strongest. Central Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, in a function, termed Manoj Tiwari as the next CM of Delhi but he was forced to give clarification on his comments within a few hours. Although Puri is not a politician rather a bureaucrat but late Arun Jaitley considered him the perfect face for CM. First Puri is a Sikh, secondly a bureaucrat which means the Punjabi voter and working class would vote for him. This was the reason he was given UDH ministry in Modi cabinet. It is said that it was through Puri that the Hinduja brothers connected themselves with Advani and BJP.

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