When Rahul met Pranab Da

June 25 2019

Recently, a day before catching his flight for London, Rahul Gandhi suddenly dropped by at former President Pranab Mukherji’s official residence in Delhi. It is being said that Rahul spoke at length with Pranab Da about the Lok Sabha elections and also tried to find out that Congress party has given him so much and why does he still like Modi. Pranab Da smiled and answered, “Because the PM gives him so much respect, that’s why.” It is also being said that Pranab Mukherji tried to make Rahul understand and told him that it is unfruitful to think that the results are due to EVMs, so you should try and strengthen Congress party day and night and specially focus on strengthening the cadres. Sources claim that Pranab Da gave another suggestion to Rahula dn said, “If party choses someone like Shashi Tharoor in the Lok Sabha, then it will be an easy job for the ruling party. You need an aggressive leader in the house and I suggest Adheer Choudhary’s nomination. Although everyone knows that I don’t like Adheer Choudhary on a personal level, but I would still say that in the current situation, he is the perfect person who is aggressive and knows how to shut anyone up.” Rahul assured Pranab Da of taking up the matter with his mother and after a few days Adheer Choudhary was appointed.

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