whatever one may feel

July 08 2019

Not everything is going on right with Shivsena which had unfurled the flag of victory with help of BJP in Maharashtra. The voices of dissent are rising in Sena . Recent episode relates to election of leader of the party in Lok Sabha when the first time MP Vinayak Raut was declared as the leader and 5 time MP Bhawna Gavli Patil was left who is MP from Yavatmal Vasim in Vidarbha. If sources are to be believed then, Bhavna has said somewhere that she believed that party’s remote control (Uddhav Thackrey) was in Mumbai but it seems that the battery of the remote had got weakened. As soon as the news of her disappointment reached Uddhav Thackrey, he called her up on telephone and said that party thought about her and she would be surely given a place in the expansion of council of minister of central government from quota of the party. Bhawna knows that this is a good excuse otherwise when does Modi expands his council of ministers so soon and even if he does then what is the guarantee that Shiv Sena finds place in it. She is curing the time when she had refused the BJP’s offer of ticket in these elections.

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