What Went Wrong In The Heartland?

December 10 2018

What went wrong in the heartland Madhya Pradesh for the BJP that it came down from 15-years straight Acer to having to compete for neck-to-neck with Congress?
The ground zero speculations and reports of the journalists indicated that the biggest blow to BJP was coming from rural India. The reason, you ask?
The farmers of Madhya Pradesh are upset with their government so much so that they don’t even want to take their produce to the market. They are awaiting a new Nizam in Bhopal – a government which can buy their crop on a minimum support price (MSP), something that was promised to them in election campaigns.
The farmers say that even though the Shivraj government launched an incentive scheme for them in the state, which claimed that the state government will bridge the difference between the farmers’ crop sale and the MSP and that the sum difference will be directly transferred to their respective accounts, it was all talk and no action. The farmers kept awaiting its implementation but not even a single penny came into their saving accounts – the anger of which is now visible in the exit polls.

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