Weathervane’s 5-year-itch

September 13 2018

Ram Vilas Paswan suffered a five-year-itch when he, for the first time since 1996, failed to be a part of the Union government. Known as Indian politics’ most reliable weathervane, Paswan’s powers seem to be failing him yet again when it comes to prediting the mood of the nation for 2019.
In the recent past, when a tall Bihar MP (who was elected from his Lok Janshakti Party) arrived at his house to meet him, Paswan first enquired about the mood of the people of Bihar. Then he entrusted him with the crucial task of going places in Bihar, meeting the people, talking and try reading their hearts and minds, as to know which side the coin will toss this time – Modi’s call or Lalu’s?
Upendra Kushwaha has already made up his mind to change sides. The weathervane is also said to be in constant touch of Lalu.

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