WB celebrates Ganpati

September 08 2019

Ever since the saffron colour was injected in West Bengal’s climate and mood, a new change was seen in the winds here. This time there is a boom of Ganesh worship in Bengal. Where the pandals of Durgapuja used to take place on the streets, this time the pandals of Ganesh pooja are decorated here, there is new enthusiasm among the people, fair-carts are placed, drums are being played. Traditionally dressed Bengali women too are flocking pandals with great vigour. The pandal of Sabyasachi Dutta, a former mayor of Vidhan Nagar Municipal Corporation in Kolkata and one of the most prominent men of Mamata Banerjee, appeared to be full of saffron shades. Sabyasachi Dutta was accompanied by Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh, BJP leader Mukul Rai and BJP co-in-charge Arvind Menon on a dais at the Saltlake Maitri Sangh puja. Arvind Menon and Dutta lit the lamp jointly. From the stage, Sabyasachi Dutta gave his speech in Hindi instead of Bangla. In his address, Mamata’s close aid Dutta openly stated that he is not associated with any Sarada Narada, he does worship with whatever he has in his pocket with no need to cut others’ pockets. If sources are to be believed, the name of Sabyasachi Dutta was also appearing in the Saradha chit fund scam, perhaps, that is why he has extended his friendship towards the BJP in great compulsion.

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