Watch Out For The UP Polls!

January 21 2019

All is not well for NDA these days. The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is getting sourer every day. Uddhav Thackeray is not missing a chance to bad-mouth the BJP leadership.
In Uttar Pradesh, the SP-BSP alliance is already giving enough headaches to the saffron party, dand the Shiv Sena is not making the situation it any better. The Sena is ready to place its candidature in the entire UP which is, in one way or the other, a subtraction from BJP’s votes.
Apna Dal, for which the BJP is now willing to spare two seats, is also extending a friendly hand towards the Congress. The cuckoos coo that although Anupriya Patel is still keen on staying by BJP’s side but her husband, sensing the changing tides in UP, is advocating the contrary.
Shivpal, Kushwaha and parties like the Peace Party are already inclined towards the Congress.
To sum it up, this time the UP polls are going to be enthralling.

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