Venugopal’s Foot In The Mouth

May 14 2019

There is a big question mark over the continuation of KK Venugopal as the Attorney General after the new government formation at the Centre. Actually, Venugopal has expressed many such opinions which did not line with the views of the government. Recently on the matter of sexual assault charges against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Venugopal has opined, ‘The matter should be investigated by retired judges, especially women judges. Then there will be credibility.’ When the statement swirled a storm, he clarified the views were personal and had nothing to do with the government. Earlier too Venugopal’s differences with the government were noted when on the Rafale row he had told the court that the Rafale papers have been stolen. It seems as though Venugopal’s words are giving the Modi government nightmares.

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