Uddhav unable to distribute ministries

December 14 2019

A week has passed since Uddhav Thackrey took oath for the office of Chief Minister and although he has started sitting in his official room, the complications surrounding allotment of departments/ministries refuses to die down as the three parties are at loggerheads over them. Uddhav is eyeing Urban development, Housing, Irrigation, Waterworks and sanitation, Revenue, Transport and Finances for Shiv Sena. If sources are to be believed, the Congress is bent on Industries, School Education, Revenue, Women and Child development while the NCP wants Finance, Revenue, Urban development and similar major departments to themselves. NCP had earlier agreed on 16-14-12 formula but it is being said that Pawar has changed his mind. the winter session of the assembly will be from December 16 to 23, and it is being said that Uddhav wants to expand his cabinet after the session. Sharad Pawar was in Delhi for Parliament session and has now returned to Mumbai and is scheduled to meet Uddhav over division of ministries. Modi and Shah are also eyeing Maharashtra as they believe the government will not work more than six months since the three parties are at loggerheads at several issues. For example, the Shiv Sena has supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill but Congress has opposed it.

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