Trump’s Intervention & Abhinandan’s Homecoming

March 03 2019

The entire nation took a breath of relief after the home-coming of their courageous IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman who was captured by Pakistan. But the return of the Wing Commander was not as easy as it may have seemed.
A day after the Surgical Strike 2, i.e. February 27, when Indian pilot was captured in Pakistan, sources claim that PM Narendra Modi dialled American President Donald Trump at 9 pm. He said that ‘India has always informed Trump of all Pakistan-sponsored terrorism as the latter too is against terrorism. Similarly, the Pulwama terror attack was also put in the US President’s knowledge.’ Making his stance clear, Modi added that India, to have its pilot back, is not going to compromise with Pakistan this time; rather India has the capability to give a befitting reply. And for that, India will launch a ballistic missile to Bahawalpur.
Stopping Modi from taking any such steps, Trump asked him to wait till he has a word with Imran Khan. If sources are to be believed, Trump rung up Imran Khan and asked him to release the Indian pilot. After this, Imran Khan dialled Modi on the Hotline but the cuckoos coo that the latter refused to come on line. Imran informed Trump about this.
Trump then assured Modi that the Indian pilot will be returned without any terms and conditions, and asked him to stay calm. Modi replied that he is determined to take action against JeM, on which Trump asked him to await his pilot’s return and after that further actions can be discussed.
Amid all this, Pak PM Imran Khan had a word with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. And following that, the latter called up Modi to convince him. Modi’s straight response was that when everybody is against terrorism, then why no action is being taken?
Salman, just like Trump, assured Modi to first get his pilot back and then further discussions can be held.
So, what happened next is out in the open.

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