Trouble with Love

August 27 2018

The old politico in South India who has recently become a CM is in trouble over his philandering and has been in the news lately. In spite of being married to his first wife, he went ahead and married a southern film siren who is half his age. And the couple even has a child. But then, sources reveal that just before the assembly elections, this second wife fell out with him and returned to her maternal home. But lust knows no bound for the sexagenarian and he got involved with a rising actress of just 22 years of age. Such was the raging relationship that the CM even bought her a plush bungalow in the heart of the town for Rs 16 crore and spent most of nights there. Scuttlebutt is that his first wife got to know of this and one night she landed up quietly and caught the couple in the middle of their amour. The first one was so enraged that she beat up the third black and blue. CM sahib somehow managed to tide the storm by telling her that she was the true queen of his heart, and such pretty ones will come and go. In the meanwhile, his second wife too landed up in the capital city to stay there. She now meets a dozen or so business tycoons daily and sends their project proposals to the CM. The old man apparently is pushing her envelopes as well.

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