TMC MPs flip Post Meeting PM

July 29 2019

A few days ago, ex-TMC MPs had an important meeting with PM Modi. Around 12 TMC MPs from both the houses met Prime Minister in his office in the Assembly building. As per reliable sources, the meeting began from 12.05 pm and ended around 12.35 pm. Before visiting PM’s office in the Assembly, these MPs were quite aggressive in putting forth their demands but once they met PM, their tone and outlook completely changed. When asked by reporters about the meeting with PM Modi, members unanimously said that they proposed to PM that West Bengal’s name should be changed to Bangla. But, sources said, after meeting Modi, spirits of Trinamool MPs seemed to have died down. Up till now, Trinamool had objection to 19 MLAs which they wanted to be reviewed by Select Committee and failing to do so, they had warned of boycotting the assembly. But nobody knows what magic Modi has done that the count of MLAs opposing has shrunk from 19 to mere 7!

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