Time Spares None

December 27 2018

When the Modi government was awarded a clean chit by the apex court, BJP president Amit Shah held a press conference in this regard, at the party headquarter.
This time Shah showed a different avatar of himself. Earlier the Shah who used to ignore the questions thrown at him by the journos or reply with witty remarks, was this time wrapped with all the kindness in the world.
Shah was, surprisingly, attending the journalists and making small conversations – ‘How are you? Did you eat anything? Had tea?’
The old Shah would have dodged any Rahul related questions, saying: ‘Who are you bothering me with; I do not answer such questions.’ But the new, polite Shah was addressing all these questions, too.
Yes, he did dodge one ball – the one with the results of the five-state polls. He said: ‘That is old news now. Talk about Rafale today.’
It is aptly said, there is no better healer than time. It treats each equally. It spares none.

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