Thumbs Up to Harivansh

August 13 2018

Journalist-turned-politician Harivansh Narayan Singh would have not even in his dreams imagined that his ambitions will find their wings and reach to this high.
When Akali Dal was denied ticket to candidature for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, it opened wide doors for JD(U). This time, none other than the high command Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken up the political management upon himself. His trusted aide Amit Shah was set aside in the backdrop.
When the PM discussed the candidature with JD(S) supremo Nitish Kumar, the latter suggested Kahkashan Perween – a woman, that too a Muslim, a combo that syncs with Nitish’s politics. But the name didn’t go down well with many BJP and RSS leaders, their concern being that when the saffron brigade is busy promoting Hindutva then why project minority politics?
Sources tell that after this Nitish put forward Bashistha Narain Singh’s name. But his age didn’t fall in place with the nomination.
It is cooed that after this Modi himself brought up Harivansh’s name on which Nitish too agreed, and thus Harivansh’s nomination got a thumbs up from NDA.
Modi’s JD(U) card was a well-thought move. He knew that JD(U) was born from the ‘Samajwadi Andolan’, so Biju Janata Dal (BJD) will never go against its like-minded party’s candidate. And this way their support was definitely to land in NDA’s favour.
In fact, when the TDP had moved the no-confidence motion against the NDA government in Lok Sabha, then PM Modi himself had spoken to BJP supremo Naveen Patnaik and at the same time asked for his support in the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election to which Patnaik was not able to say no.

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