This Time It’s Personal!

April 29 2019

Although a miffed Dalit leader Udit Raj has exit the BJP and joined hands with the Congress but tough times are here to stay because the saffron party ditched him at a time when there are next to none electoral prospects left.
Udit himself claims that he had called Modi at least thrice but he did not speak to him. He was instead told to meet Ram Lal. It is said that when Udit met Ram Lal, the latter told him that only party president, i.e. Amit Shah, is authorised to distribute tickets.
After this, Udit started dialing Shah, tried reaching him at his residence, but Shah was nowhere to be reached. So a troubled Udit dialed Nitin Gadkari who straight away told him that he is not getting a ticket this time.
On the other hand, BJP Delhi president Manoj Tiwari kept assuring till the end that he will get a ticket. Finally Udit approached Arun Jaitley who disclosed that he has been denied ticket not on political grounds but for personal reasons.

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