The Unease Of Silence

April 29 2019

The three phases of the Lok Sabha elections have already concluded but no clear picture is able to emerge. The voters too have sealed their lips and giving no hints whatsoever. BJP and Congress are conducting exit polls with the agencies of their choices – not one but many. Yet, no clear picture is to be found.
The remaining phases are Hindi belt-based where BJP has to maintain its influence at any cost and so they are putting in all their strength and wealth. RSS too is encouraging its workers for door-to-door campaigns. Modi’s mega rally ahead of his nomination was one such effort. Even the share market trends are fluctuating. The up trends are filling BJP with joy while the downwards are giving Opposition hopes.
Elections are to be held in UP, MP and Rajasthan where the BJP has a lot on stakes. So, positive statements are being put in the mouths of political pundits like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. They are ‘predicting’ the return of the Modi government.

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