The Shivpal Impasse

September 24 2018

SP veteran Shivpal Yadav’s rebellion has been simmering for quite some time, so a major meet was organised at the house of SP boss Mulayam Singh Yadav. Present was the entire clan, including Akhilesh. By the time Prof Ram Gopal entered, the emotions had boiled over. The formula to placate Shivpal was that he would be made the party general secretary. The entire family, including the professor, had agreed to this, but Akhilesh put his foot down. Interestingly, just ahead of the meeting, political Machiavelli Amar Singh had organised a meeting between Shivpal and BJP chief Amit Shah, and it was decided that Shivpal would join the BJP, and also get some of the other clan members, and the scuttlebutt was the Aparna Yadav, daughter in law and Tej Pratap, disgruntled grandson of Mulayam could be deserting the Yadav camp. It is said that the chartered flight was ‘engines on the tarmac in Lucknow airport, when Shivpal suddenly refused to play ball, which has become a major embarrassment for Singh.

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