The Saffron Successors

February 12 2019

The cuckoos on 11 Ashoka Road coo that in recent past Amit Shah sent his close aide Ram Lal to Dr Raman Singh, Vasundhara Raje Scindia and Shivraj Singh Chouhan to tell them to be prepped for contesting in next the Lok Sabha elections.
If sources are to believed, Shah’s messenger first set enroute Raipur to deliver the message to Raman Singh. The former Chhattisgarh CM, however, said that he is satisfied with the state politics and this is only beneficial for him. Raman Singh’s son is already an MP and this time too he will contest the Lok Sabha elections.
After this, Ram Lal reached Jaipur. There too he was turned away giving the same excuse of state politics and son being already an MP who will contest the LS polls.
Shah’s messenger could finally take a sigh in Madhya Pradesh when former CM of the state, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, responded positively saying if the party president wants him to contest the Lok Sabha polls then he will definitely abide by it.
Sources tell that Shivraj in fact put forward the names of two seats on which he is willing to contest. With Sushma Swaraj having announced she will not contest in the LS elections, Shivraj set his eyes on her Vidisha seat since then. And so, Shivraj expressed Vidisha as his first choice, and if in case that would not be possible, he will be fine with Bhopal.

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