The Real Shah-en-Shah

June 04 2019

AMIT Shah not only walked shoulder-to-shoulder with Modi in the mega election of 2019, but even post the grand victory he played a key role in the selection of the ministers and distributions of their portfolios. Due to his health complications Arun Jaitley could not be included in the Cabinet. PM himself met with Jaitley, tried convincing him, but it didn’t work. RSS wanted a big role for Amit Shah in Modi Sarkar 2.0. Shah was inclined towards the Finance Ministry, but the RSS was of the view that currently the nation needs a strong and decision-making Home Minister. A Home Minister who can make the matters like Article 370, Article 35A, Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits and Ram Janmabhoomi meet their fate. If sources are to be believed, a message was sent from RSS chief to the PM that he wants to see Shah either as the Deputy PM or the Home Minister. It is said that it was the RSS that convinced Rajnath Singh to give up his claim for the Home Ministry. And so Singh instead made a move for the Defence Ministry.

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