The Phone Never Rung For Anupriya

June 04 2019

AMIT Shah seems to have not forgotten all the pain he had to go through whilst his attempts to keep Apna Dal attached with the NDA, all the tantrums he had to take of Anupriya Patel. So post victory when Anupriya Patel met Shah for her portfolio, he offered her a post of a state minister. If sources are to be believed, Patel was adamant that she was given the same in NDA-1, now she demands a promotion. On this Shah replied, ‘fine you will receive a phone call.’ But her phone never rung. She kept waiting for Shah’s call, but he didn’t dial. After this Patel’s husband was seen telling a reporter on a news channel that if Anupriya is not made a minister, she will not attend the oath taking ceremony…. before he could even finish his sentence, Patel was shown live making an entry at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, proceeding towards the gathering to witness the oath of Modi Sarkar 2.0.

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