“The many facets of Rahul Gandhi”

September 13 2018

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has embarked upon a new journey and this is a journey to alter his public image. So he’s hopping from Berlin, to London to Kailash Mansarovar.
But all is not well with the team projecting this image of Rahul on social media. The team is currently headed by the former Kannada actress Divya Spandana, who in her over enthusiasm sometimes does such things which do not go down well with the party seniors.
The latest in the cases was from Berlin. Sources tell that a tweet from Rahul Gandhi’s handle lead to a big spat between Spandana and Gandhi’s international trips organiser and coordinator Sam Pitroda.
Let us paint you a clear picture here. What happened was that four photos were tweeted by the Congress handle, courtesy Spandana, showing “the many facets of Rahul Gandhi” against the backdrop of the iconic Graffiti wall from World War II at German Parliament Bundestag. This in-turn, once again, gave birth to a flood of new ‘Rahul memes’. Even BJP “couldn’t resist retweeting” it.
Pitroda said that Divya should have first consulted him before putting up any such tweets. It is said that this matter got so heated up that Shashi Tharoor and Milind Deora had to intervene. Then Rahul himself stepped-in to put an end to all the fiasco.
The Congress’ social-media army head was then told off by an angry Rahul that he is putting in much more effort than his capacity, but it will all go in vain if such blunders keep happening from Spandana’s end.
Sensing the party chief’s discontent, Spandana has toned down her attitude.

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