The Conspiracy That Almost Succeeded

January 21 2019

Congress and JDS’s alertness saved them from falling victim to BJP’s horse trading in Karnataka. It was heard on the grapevine that as many as 10 MLAs were on BJP’s radar and each MLA’s pricing was skyrocket.
But as soon as the whispers fell in the Karnataka-ruling JDS-Congress alliance’s ears, they got into action. The entire government machinery, party, police and the intelligence department were put on surveillance. It was then discovered that as many as seven MLAs had gone missing. Locations of their phones were attempted to be tracked, but the phones were all switched off. Contacting them became the biggest concern.
Siddaramaiah then rung up an employee of the Renaissance Hotel and asked him to put the XYZ MLA on FaceTime with him. The employee immediately went to the MLA and in such a scenario the latter could not refuse to speak to Siddaramaiah. This way, Siddaramaiah succeeded in convincing the ‘unhappy’ lawmaker.
The cuckoos in Karnataka coo that the entire operation was shouldered by Kumaraswamy, Siddaramaiah, DK Shivakumar and KK Venugopal.
Had BJP succeeded in capturing Karnataka, the next on target could have been Madhya Pradesh. So, as of now, Kamal Nath has been sent a word of warning.

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