The “Age-Old Party” to get “Young”

July 01 2019

A bid to change the face and look of the Congress party has been initiated. The step that Rahul had taken nearly a month back, now has percolated to the Congress committees and leaders who have now started resigning. Interestingly, the sparks of the resignation has reached Rahul’s Home also whose favourite K Raju has also been removed from “Rahul Darbar”. However, Kaushal Vidhyarthi, Alankar and Sandeep Singh are still with Rahul and Rahul is still adamant that he will not take back his resignation. It is being said that Sonia Gandhi has suggested the name of AK Antony, for whom it is said that he is faithful towards Gandhi family just like Manmohan Singh and can not go out of the family. Also, he is not too old. But Rahul and young leaders of the Congress party feel that the party needs such a leader with whome the party can start afresh. Rahul has also decided that half of the leaders in party organization should be less than forty years of age. It is also being said that women will also be given a fair representation in the party and emphasis is being laid to include grass-root leaders and party members within the party framework. The party is hoping to raise a new cadre from every block up till the state level. The leaders in NSUI, Youth Congress, Women Congress, Seva Dal and other organizations will be provided opportunity and Rahul is of the opinion that the entire ga,ut of these organization also changes and for the purpose a new membership rive should be started. The idea is good, if only it sees execution..

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