Swamy’s ‘No’ to governorship

June 25 2018

Those in the know in the saffron firmament say that the rabid right-wing politician Subramanian Swamy, Rajya Sabha MP, has been making desperate efforts to meet his party boss Amit Shah for quite some time – some say for the past two years. But Shah has been shutting the door on his face. Only recently, though, after the shock defeats of the party in various by-polls, Swamy suddenly got a call from Shah’s office saying that the boss desires to share a cuppa with him in BJP office. After healing praise on Swamy, Shah finally came to the point: Since Swamy knows the politics of Maharashtra well, and had even been MP from there, would he take up the job of the state’s Governor? Swamy, faced with a sudden prize post, hesitated for a while and said he needed time to ponder. However, after consulting friends, Swamy came to the conclusion that governorship is the end of all active politics, so it would be wiser to remain in the Rajya Sabha. Shah, for once, had to hear a ‘No’!

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