Swamy declares Varun the ‘Pandit’

December 20 2018

Subramanian Swamy, known for his asinine word-play with saffron sparks stirred up another little storm in the political circle with one of his tweets in which he described Varun Gandhi as the true ‘pandit’ of the Gandhi family.
Swamy tweeted “… the only Nehru “Gandhi” qualified to be called Pandit is Varun Gandhi. I recommend reading this 800 page book (A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India’s Future Through Her Villages – a new book by Varun Gandhi).”
Going a step further, Shahid Siddiqui of the Congress tweeted, “India desperately needs another Green revolution, we have to go for new technologies, seeds, create cold chains & go for dry land farming to save water. Varun Gandhi has come out with a timely treatise on how to revive rural economy. I hope government & its ministries look at it seriously.”
Printed by popular publisher, Rupa, the book became the best-seller in both fiction and non-fiction categories in a mere 10 days. Sources related to the publication reveal that within 10 days the book by the former BJP general secretary, who is a MP from Sultanpur, sold more than 30,000 copies.
The book advocates ensuring the role of rural India in the development of the nation. Truth be told, no political party in the country can ignore the issues flagged by Varun Gandhi.

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