Supremo In Supreme Court

December 10 2018

On November 25, the eve of the Constitution Day, a grand dinner was organised by the Honorable Chief Justice of India. Invitations to the dinner were also sent out to the Prime Minister and the Vice President.
As per tradition, such dinners are generally attended by the law minister as a representative of the government. But Narendra Modi is the one to go by his own rules and thus decided to himself take part in the dinner which was being held in Court #1 of the Supreme Court complex. The move surprised many as this is the very Court where the CBI dispute verdict is being safeguarded, the same Court where dissenters Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie have accused the government of corruption in the Rafale deal – both these cases crucial to the Modi government.
After this, the PM expressed his desire to see the entire courtroom where his friend Arun Jaitley does his arguments. So Justice Ranjan Gogoi toured him around.
Is it a mere coincidence that post this Justice Kurien’s statement came that former chief justice Deepak Misra was being controlled by some external power, he was allocating cases to judges along with political prejudices? These ringing bells in the temple of justice are where the realm of democracy is contained.

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