Subsidy in Parl canteen ends

December 14 2019

Subsidy on food in Parliament canteen has been ended and the Government has claimed that with this move, Rs 17 crore will be saved. But the biggest question remains, was it just the MPs that were benefiting out of the subsidy? Most of the MPs claims that they return home during lunch hours as they prefer homemade food and give reason that since there is a ban on cooking food in the Parliament premises, thus food cooked hours back is provided in the canteen and it is reheated and then served, and thus the food is not considered good by the MPs. So now the question arises as to who was benefiting from the canteen food? The answer is simple: Journalists, photographers, security officials posted at Parliament, cleaning staff who reach the Parliament at daybreak and stay till late. These are a few people who benefited.

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