Sr Advani Or No Advani At All!

February 04 2019

The BJP high-command is once again at the doorsteps of Advani, who was primarily sidelined from the saffron politics. The Modi-Shah duo wants the veteran saffron leader to once again contest and grab hold of the Gandhi Nagar seat for the party in 2019 polls.
But, as heard on the grapevines, Advani is in no mood to contest the elections at this age and time and instead proposes the ticket be given to his daughter Pratibha.
The Modi-Shah duo is said to be a disagreement with this proposal. The sources claim that the two are against dynasty politics and hence want Advani to himself contest.
Anyway, the ‘Margdarshak Mandal’ in which Advani was included, never for once in the last five years held a single meeting.

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