Sprinkling Ganga water after BJP march

December 20 2018

The BJP’s proposed Rath Yatra in West Bengal was scheduled to take place on December 24, but after the state administration denied them the permission the saffron party knocked the door of the court. The court has asked the BJP to settle the matter with the administration.
After facing defeat in the five-state assembly polls, the Bengal BJP was not feeling too sure. But the saffron high-command is still pretty confident that the BJP can do much better in Bengal. So, Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh received instructions from Delhi to get active on the matter. Ever since, the state BJP president is giving his cadre a new lease of life.
On the other hand, Mamata’s Trinamool Congress, which is struggling with inner conflicts and fights, has also decided to demonstrate opposition to the BJP’s proposed Rath Yatra. The party has decided to sprinkle Ganga Jal on the streets through which the Rath Yatra will pass as the holy water has the power to wash away sins.

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