Sitharaman changes path with scribes

July 14 2019

The journalists covering the former finance ministry are in a state of shock. Former Finance Minister under the Modi government, Arun Jaitley always had cordial relations with journalists so under Jaitley, journalist were free to roam around in the North block of Parliament. When times changed, and new Finance Minister found that few journalists keep occupying corridor area without any work. Moreover, a few journalists even occupy the places near the washroomand when any official would reach the washroom, the journalists would try to get some news or info out from the officer, and interestingly, sources reveal that Sitharaman picked up the issue in front of the Prime Minister and after a “go ahead” from the PM, a proper sitting area, with air-conditioner and cold water machine, was made near the main gate for the scribes, however, this did not cool down the journalists. Sources reveal that journalists wanted to talk to the Finance Minister to find out the reason behind such a behaviour, but look at their luck, the new Finance Minister changed her path. Now she uses the back gate of the Parliament, which at one time, was used by Advani and even Sonia Gandhi. Meanwhile, the hide and seek between finance minister and journalists is continuing.

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