Silencing Manoranjana

September 18 2018

Media siren Manoranjana Singh, who hails from a rabid RSS family but had once married Congress coal tycoon Matang Singh and later divorced, had a few months ago bagged the position of Media Consultant to Minister for Science & Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan. As is her wont, she started throwing tantrums to such an extent that she started being despised by all the departmental heads.
Meanwhile, another big ticket game has started in DST, with a project on a science channel mooted. It has a multi-crore budget. One senior official of the DST’s science outreach programme, another official has being trying to grab the project. Interestingly, this man is a confirmed communist. He is being supported by the Media Advisor to Harshvardhan, NB Nair, who, surprise, surprise is openly anti-government, especially on FB. So this is how governments function. Harshvardhan and Singh are confirmed RSS. TVV is a communist, and his supporter Nair is anti-government, and they are all merrily doing it together. But now Harshvardhan has been so upset with Manoranjana’s disturbing arrogance that she has been asked to lie low!

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