Shivraj’s Woes

October 23 2018

The BJP bosses have never been happy with the functioning of Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, especially his unending somnolence over important files. Take the case of the file on appointment of the Information Officer, on which he had been sleeping for the last 21 months. He finally passed the file on October 2. It had the names of three IAS officers, one from the IPS, and a BJP loving scribe. He passed the file, but did not notify it in the gazette till October 7. But on October 6 afternoon, the polls had been announced in five states, including Shivraj’s. This went against election rules. The state government claimed that the notification had been announced on October 6 morning. But the Election Commission clamped down and the appointments have been set aside for the moment.

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