Sharad’s Ire

August 27 2018

A few days ago, Sharad Yadav put in his bit for the Opposition Alliance by organizing a heritage programme in New Delhi, where Congress president Rahul Gandhi and CPIM’s Sitaram Yechury too were present. The programme, however, was lackluster and many seats were vacant. That is when Rahul whispered to Yechury sitting next to him, saying if this is how it goes, then what about the Grand Alliance? There was no SP or BSP, nor the DMK nor Jagan Reddy. It was a matter of the same few faces. Yechury too nodded in agreement. But the conversation also fell in the ears of Yadav’s confidant, Rajya Sabha MP Ali Anwar, who was sitting just behind Rahul and Yechury, and he promptly informed his boss. Sharad was enflamed and he started hollering at Rahul, saying: “You are unhappy about chairs going empty. So let me talk to the BJP. They have called me up four times. It is only in the interest of the opposition unity that I am still holding back, or else I would have left long ago.” Somehow, Rahul tackled the elder leader and calmed him down, or else the fracas might have become much worse.

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