Shah-Yogi Meet

July 29 2019

Last week, Yogi Adityanath was on an official tour to Delhi. After finishing his work in the city, he had to catch the return flight to Lucknow scheduled at 8 pm. While on his way to airport, he called Amit Shah and said I was in the city so thought of saying hello to you. As per sources, Shah asked him, “where are you right now?” To which he replied that he’s on the way to board the return flight at 8 pm. Shah said, “meet me, you can take the next flight.” Yogi postponed his plans and went straight to Shah’s house where he found BJP Working President JP Nadda and newly appointed General Secretary BL Santosh already sitting there. Meeting started at 9 pm and went up till 11.30 pm. In this meet, the name of UP’s next president was finalised as Swatantra Dev Singh. Additionally, a detailed discussion also took place on shortlisting the prospective names for upcoming by-elections in UP. The names of new prospects to be included in the next cabinet of Yogi Government were also discussed. UP Government’s three ministers had won their respective seats in General Elections and are now in Delhi. So, names of people filling their vacant seats in state were also discussed. It was also ascertained that in next assembly session, Yogi Cabinet will be reshuffled.

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