Shah Troubled By Bhagwat

April 29 2019

RSS chief Mohan BHagwat’s statements often cost the BJP heavily. During the Bihar Assembly elections he put BJP in trouble by saying ‘it’s time to review the reservation system’. The statement’s bad impact on BJP reflected in the results of the Bihar Assembly polls.
Then again during the Four-State Assembly polls he brought up the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi issue. The election results were once again poor for the BJP.
And now that the Lok Sabha elections fever has caught the nation, Bhagwat, while addressing the RSS volunteers in a meeting at Nagpur, said that ‘earlier the same government used to run the nation for 30-40 years. Now that they stay only for 5 years, there is no point counting on the government for anything. RSS volunteers should instead take the matters in their own hands.
The latest statement of the RSS chief has definitely increased the troubles for BJP president Amit Shah.

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