Shah Terrorising Rahul ‘Bhakts’

August 06 2018

Recall the day when Rahul Gandhi emerged in a new avatar and stormed Lok Sabha with his rousing speech on the No Confidence Motion. During a break in the session, while he was proceeding towards the washroom, a BJP MP from Chhattisgarh was on his way back after relieving himself. Rahul looked the ruling party MP in the eye and flashed a brilliant smile, and the latter vigorously shook him by the hand, saying: “What a speech!” The matter would have ended there, had Rahul not said this in his reply to his motion. Now the BJP scuttlebutt is that party boss Amit Shah has received a full CCTV recording of all party MPs who had that day been parading around Rahul. And those whose faces appear with Rahul are now a worried lot!

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