Shah Snarls at Yogi

July 16 2018

Yogi Adityanath just got a mouthful from party president Amit Shah recently. Suddenly during a recent meeting between the two, Shah exploded as only he can, telling Yogi that ever since his anointment as the UP CM, the Thakur caste has been having a gala time in the state. Shah’s ire was clear from his reproach. He told Yogi: “We made you the CM only because you are a sadhu, and sadhus do not have sentiments for any particular caste. But since the day you have become CM, you have turned back from Yogi to Ajay Singh Bisht.” For the uninitiated that was Yogi’s name before he became a yogi! Shah then said too: “Entire eastern UP is packed with your Hindu Vahini!” But then, Yogi knows well how to get under Shah’s skin too in the Modi-Shah dispensation!

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