Shah hands over his room to Nadda

June 25 2019

JP Nadda has been appointed as the new working president of the BJP but since there is no explaination for the post in BJP’s Constitution, hence no room could be allotted to Nadda. Under this situation, BJP President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah had to take a special step after which a room for the working president could be made available in BJP’s new Headquarters. Actually, Amit Shah has been allotted two rooms in BJP HQ, of which one room is one the upper floor where Shah used to handle Party’s affairs. Shah had been allotted another room on the ground floor where he used to meet people. For his working president, Shah left the room on ground floor which was prepared in a haste for Nadda. Right after this, the working president will now be going for a country wide visit so that members can be motivated again. Recently the party ended position of active members within the party, now they have to add another hundred members if they want to keep the active membership “alive”. Nadda’s visits will give impetus to thenew process.

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