Shah Goes The 11 Ashoka Way

March 13 2019

The introspection session over the many obstacles that have come the BJP’s way post the party has shifted its HQ from 11 Ashoka Road to Deendayal Upadhyay Marg. The very day party president Amit Shah was ready to move into the new headquarters with all the fanfare, the results of Tripura polls were declared followed by a grand celebration at 11 Ashoka Road.
As heard on the grapevine, on the expert advice of some ‘reliable’ pandits Amit Shah is set to return to his 11 Ashoka Road office. The cuckoos on 11 Ashoka Road too coo that this office is not only being whitewashed and repainted but also being decorated as per ‘vaastu’.
For your information, on the advice of these pandits only Shah had changed the main entrance of 11 Ashoka Road.

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