Shah-en-Shah Of Gandhinagar

March 30 2019

The saffron party has gifted its ‘Chanakya’ to Gandhinagar. Amit Shah, who has proven his capabilities often, is renowned for well placing political strategies. However his candidature from Gandhinagar remained a suspense and topic of debate till the very last minute. So much so that the scheduled press conference of the BJP was delayed by 15 minutes.
Sources close to the saffron party reveal that the biggest claim over the Gandhinagar ticket was of former CM Anandiben Patel’s daughter Anar Patel. It is said she even had a ‘go ahead’ from PM Modi. That is why she was active in the constituency from past two years through her NGO.
Three observers were packed to Gandhinagar by the party high-command ahead of the ticket declaration. Two of the three observers had reported in favour of Anar while only one reported in Shah’s favour. Even maximum Gandhinagar MLAs were rooting for Anar.
However, at the end moment the Shah supporters played the trump card by saying that since Gandhinagar has had been veteran party leader LK Advani’s seat, so a national leader should contest from here. And this sealed the deal for Shah.
If the Modi government makes a comeback at the Centre, Rajnath Singh might have his share of troubles. Amit Shah might take over his Number 2 (Home Minister) spot. Anyway he had replaced Rajnath only to become the party president.

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