Shah 2.0

January 18 2019

Ever since the Team Saffron was packed to the pavilion under the captaincy of Shah in the three-state assembly elections, the skipper seems to have decided to loosen himself up a bit with the team mates and change his working style.
It is a known fact in political corridors that Shah is a hard task master. It is also known that since having taken over the command of the BJP, he has been focused on his work and hasn’t taken a single day’s off.
But post the jolt from the state assembly polls, Shah has altogether taken a different avatar. He is making small talks with his party workers and even exchanging thoughts and views.
In the recent past when BJP leader Vijay Goel hosted a dinner at the renowned Haveli restaurant in Chandni Chowk for his fellow Rajya Sabha MPs, Shah also joined it happily. In fact, during the dinner he could be seen conversing and having a good laugh in the course of meals. Swamy’s tweets were a testimony to that.

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