Sena Eating BJP Votes?

July 23 2018

The Shiv Sena has sacked its Whip in the Lok Sabha Chandrakant Khaire for supporting the no-trust motion. Apparently, Khaire had issued a whip to party MPs asking them to vote in favour of the motion, but he had not consulted party boss Uddhav Thakre. Both Thakre and second in command Sanjay Raut are also perplexed with the statement issued by Khaire, which was in chaste Hindi, whereas all internal missives of the Sena are in pure Marathi. The Sena commanders feel that it can niggle the BJP only by remaining in power, and as such poking the latter too much is bad for Sena’s health, as it badly needs BJP support to keep its BMC mayor afloat. Interestingly, the Sena is looking to embarrass the BJP by cutting into the Hindu votes in Uttar Pradesh where it is going to field its own candidates.

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