Science, Films and Commissioning!

October 08 2018

Siddharth who? Siddharth Kak… Ah! That ‘Surabhi’-wallah gentleman? Well, Surabhi (1993) was a good serial and its co-anchor Renuka Shahane who has achieved fame from this serial is among the good book BJP today. but what is Kak doing in the labyrinths of the Department of Science & Technology, embracing a character who has recently been ticked off by the ministry. Apparently, there is booty of Rs 5 crore for making science films for the lumbering DST project of a 24X7 science channel. Kak, by the way, has never been anywhere near science programming in his long career, but DST bees hum that the old man needs money, and has learnt that his buddy the ‘Doctor’ is sitting on the five crore pie.

On the other hand, the redoubtable science filmmaker is tagging along with another senior DST official whose honesty many have cried over. The filmmaker and the official are thick and constant companions of each other. He too wants a part of the pie, and though his friend does not control the money, the official knows how to a few break arms to get his things done.

But how can these two think of getting films sanctioned without formal tendering, in which the ‘L-1’ principle, of the lowest bidder getting the contract is followed? Well, well, insiders say that this time around there will be no tendering, but ‘commissioning’ of films.

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