Samajwadis on saffron ways.

July 23 2019

Former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar never asserted to show his supremacy and believed in waiting for his time. His philosophy worked out however for a short time and he became the PM.His son Neeraj Shekhar, who was an SP Rajya sabha member, quit his membership of Rajya sabha to join BJP- a move that surprised many. Amar Singh, the Samjawadi giant known for his “ Make and Break” policy is also trying to follow Neeraj Shekhar. Thegrapevine suggests that Amar Singh has already finalized his script to stage a drama of quitting his Rajya Sabha membership, which is till 2022 and join the BJP. Amar Singh is a tall leader of the SP , but he is hell-bent on changing sides now. While Amar Singh will raise the curtain about his plans any time now, two more SP Rajya Sabha members, Surendra Nagar and Chandrapal Singh Yadav is in touch with the BJP leaders who are working on a single point progarmme to weaken both SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh.BJP”s game plan is to ensure that the saffron party which does not have the majority in the Rajya Sabha try and work out a strategy to lure the members of the other parties and ask them to resign their Rajya Sabha seats. The Saffron strategists are not inany great hurry and they would gradually approach the Rajya Sabha members to resign their seats in several intervals. This would ensure that in the bye-elections to fill in the vacant seats for the remaining period of the members who resigned mid-way, the BJP nominee in the bye-election wins on first preference votes.

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