Salman Says – Que Sera, Sera!

December 27 2018

The hot topic at Salman Khurshid’s Christmas party was whether the Congress should become a part of the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh.
A leader from UP said that Akhilesh and Maya do not intend to leave any more than five seats for the Congress in 2019. This will only further crash the little remaining mass base of the party in the state. It would be better that the party fights its own battle so that a new confidence is pumped in the party worker.
At this someone asked Salman whether he will contest the Lok Sabha elections or try out for Rajya Sabha. On this, Khurshid’s humble reply was that he ‘was earlier too not disappointed on not being offered a Rajya Sabha seat. Others were offered and he had no objection. I am engaged in my work.’

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