Saffron weakening in Chhattisgarh

August 27 2018

The saffron party is facing a bleak future in Chhattisgarh in the coming state assembly polls. In the last elections, the gap in the votes polled by the Congress and the BJP was just 0.7 per cent. Rahul Gandhi seems that not only will the Congress increase this share, but also successfully weed out negatives of the Jogi factor. Of the Congress’ vote share in the state, a big majority, say 65 per cent, comes from Adivasis and Tribals, especially the Satnami community. On the other hand, of the BJP’s vote bank a majority are forward castes and Other Backward Castes. To break up BJP’s OBC lout, the Congress is depending on leaders like Tamradhwaj Sahu and Chandan Yadav. PL Punia has been tasked to keep the Dalit bank intact. And efforts are on the placate the party pooper Ajit Jogi. That is because he is still aligned with the BJP and has a good clout over the Satnamis. The seriousness of the situation can be guessed from the fact that once Amit Shah found time after the immersion of Atalji’s ashes, he has stayed put in capital Raipur. He is working directly with 15,000 booth-level workers to strengthen the party’s chances.

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