Saffron Rise In Bengal

May 14 2019

BJP has high hopes this time with Bengal. While party president Amit Shah is bullish 20-21 seats, the analysts are placing BJP on only 6-8 seats. But, anyhow, an unprecedented up in the vote share of the saffron party is highly likely in the region. In the recently concluded Panchayat elections, TMC’s vote share was around 40 per cent and the BJP’s 19 per cent.
This time in Bengal, CPM and Congress have been pushed to the fences whilst BJP and TMC are dueling with each other. But this bipolar fight may give an edge to TMC in terms of number of seats, if not in terms of vote share (may climb up to 44 per cent). At the same time, BJP’s vote share can increase from 13 per cent to 30 per cent, but this won’t reflect much difference in terms of seats.

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