Saffron Brigade Plans to Sweat Rahul in Amethi

August 06 2018

Eversince Rahul Gandhi gave a bear-hug to PM Modi post his No-Confidence Motion speech in Parliament, it seems like he has given eyesores to the saffron brigade. Amit Shah-led cadres have in fact pledged to thump Rahul to grounds in Amethi parliamentary elections. There are many reasons behind this bullish sentiment of the cadres.
In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the percentage of votes given to BJP in Amethi was mere 6 per cent. When Smriti Irani re-ignited BJP’s hopes in Amethi in the 2014 elections, then there was an unexpected hike in the vote bank of the BJP. It jumped directly from 6 to 34 per cent. Plus, in Rahul’s vote-share too there was a sharp decline – it dropped from 72 to straight 47.
In the UP assembly elections of 2012, the BJP could not even open its account in the Amethi constituency. Then again, in the 2017 UP elections, the BJP won 3 seats in Amethi. According to sources, Sangh has made Amethi its political laboratory of experiments.
It is believed that this time, in an attempt to give sweats to Rahul in Amethi, Smriti Irani may be replaced by a local face. One of the names on the list is that of Amethi MLA Girima Singh’s son, Anant Vikram Singh. Apart from this, an other name that of an RTI activist, Gopal Prasad, is also doing rounds. Prasad has been living in Amethi for four years now and is insisting on contesting against Rahul. It is said that he is backed by the RSS. Prasad says that if in case Priyanka contests from Amethi and Rahul from Rae Bareli, then he will go to Rae Bareli and defeat him there. Sounds interesting!?

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