RSS takes tough stand on its organizational ministers

January 04 2020

The Sangh is always vigilant on its ideology and image and when few days back a complaint related to financial irregularities by few organizational secretaries reached the top leadership, it is said that a committee was immediately formed to investigate the matter which went through the minute details around these secretaries. Allegations of corruptions were also proved against several and sources reveal that a dozen organizational secretaries are going to be changed. One of the secretary however has the “undertaking” of Rajnath Singh and the secretary’s one lakh rupee shoe and five lakh rupee wrist watch has also garnered attention. It is said that he has recently purchased a property in Dubai and there is news of his diamond earrings in his assistant’s wife’s ears. The Sangh leadership is taking this entire matter with utmost seriousness and thus those who are convicted, are tensed.

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